Coderight Dry Frame

This new generation timber treatment provides the equivalent Hazard class protection of H 3.2 Treated timber in NZ and H 3,H 4 & H 5 in Australia under AS/NZS1604

North Sawn Lumber Protim Micro
  • 50 year limited durability warranty against decay fungi,termite and borer attack.
  • Removes the need to redry timber after treatment by using a low uptake solvent carrier instead of water.
  • Eliminates de grade and timber distortion associated with traditional re-dry processes.
  • Eliminates fillet marks and discolouration caused by re-dry
  • Timber is dimensionally stable so products can be treated in final form
  • The timber products can be glued after treatment
  • Eliminates the cost of disposal for treated wood shavings

Installation Guide for Coderightâ„¢ DRYFRAME PROTIM MICRO treated products


Protim Micro treated wood products have been treated to the H3 standard in AS/NZS1604:2021. The product durability should be considered equivalent to H3.2 in NZS3640.

North Sawn Lumber

Storage & Handling

Protim Micro treated wood must be stored out of ground contact and preferably protected from wetting prior to installation Solvent odour may be noticeable from freshly treated wood. It is advisable to allow at least 4 days post-treatment drying in fillet in a well ventilated area before installation. Wear gloves when handling the wood and safety glasses and a dust mask if flying particles are created during power tool use.


Use good building practices as outlined in NZS3602 and NZS3604.

Use an End-Sealer

Properly treated wood may contain areas of untreated heartwood that can be exposed when the wood is cut or drilled after treatment. It is recommended that a suitable brush-on wood preservative such as Protim reseal clear (or equivalent) is applied to all freshly exposed surfaces when cutting or drilling wood treated with Protim Micro.


Wood products treated with Protim Micro have corrosion rates on metal products that are similar to CCA pressure treated timber and untreated timber. Use either hot dip galvanised fasteners, or 304 stainless steel or silicone bronze in severe coastal situations as described in NZS 3602.

Painting & Staining

All plywood exterior cladding used for bracing must be protected by a well-maintained 3-coat paint coating in accordance with NZS3602. There is no mandatory requirement to apply a protective paint coating to Protim Micro H3 treated solid wood products, However paint protection will prolong the surface appearance of the wood and minimise dimension changes. Where finishing product such as primer, paint or stain is used, always check the label of the product and follow manufacturers instructions.

Protim Micro treated timber can be coated with most industrial alkyd-based joinery primers once the solvent carrier has evaporated after treatment. To achieve a durable finish after installation, the subsequent on-site preparation and top-coating should be as recommended by the coating manufacturer. Certain acrylic primers are not compatible with timber treated with solvent based carrier used with Protim Micro. If acrylic primers are to be used, it is advisable to contact the paint supplier for specific advice before application.

Waste Disposal

Offcuts and sawdust from Protim Micro treated timber may be disposed of in landfills or burned in commercial or industrial incinerators in accordance with local or state regulations.

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