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Sustainable Resource Policy.

North Sawn Timber Ltd have an ongoing commitment to developing its business in an environmentally responsible manner.

All the timber processed by North Sawn Timber is sourced from sustainable rotation plantation Forests which are managed under FSC or PEFC certification. This ensures that all timber products are produced from renewable and sustainable forests.

North Sawn Timber Ltd have made major investments into adopting new environmental timber treatment technology which reduces the use of heavy metals like Arsenic and Chromium while maintaining product compliance, durability and efficacy. This offers our customers the opportunity to use timber products which have a significantly reduced chemical footprint.

The North Sawn Timber Ltd treatment facility and operations has been constructed to operate at the highest environmental standards.

The boiler which heats the kiln drying operation is fueled by Biomass waste timber products which excludes the used of any fossil fuels associated with drying operations.

All aspects of our timber processing operations are subject to independent third-party auditing programs which ensure the highest level of product compliance. This ensures that products produced are fully compliant with all associated standards and regulations as well as ensuring all environmental requirements are achieved.

The North Sawn Timber Ltd Environmental Policy commits the company to an ongoing review of all operations with the goal of reducing the companies environmental footprint.

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