Easy Lumber Exports Direct To Your MarketNorth Sawn Lumber can help with export of our treated radiata pine products around the world. New Zealand is an excellent choice as your source of treated pine lumber - leading markets already taking advantage of the New Zealand radiata pine products include Australia, Asia, the US and the Pacific Islands.

Reasons to choose North Sawn Lumber as your partner include:


New Zealand has a sustainable timber supply- RELIABLE TIMBER SOURCE

The North Island of New Zealand has a reliable and sustainable source of radiate pine timber for treatment.


North Sawn Lumber lead the way in quality processing and treatment, from machining to preservative treatment to pre-priming. We are fully accredited with the AsureQuality, and are fully compliant with New Zealand standards. Our products can be relied on to be of a consistent high quality.


Able to provide custom treatment, machining, priming and painting solutions to meet your unique needs.

A Wide Range of Treated Lumber Products- SAFELY PACKAGED

Our lumber is safely pack wrapped so that it reaches its end markets in excellent condition.


North Sawn Lumber is located less than 5km from the deep-water port of Marsden Point (Northport) for easy exporting.


North Sawn Lumber are committed to helping you with your lumber needs not just today, but also in the years ahead - which is why we put the needs of our clients foremost in our minds.


If you are interested in importing our treated radiata pine products into your country, call and speak with North Sawn Lumber today on 02 7574 3394 or contact us via this page here.


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